Re: Potential GNOME IDE

Michael Catanzaro schreef op za 04-01-2014 om 12:17 [-0600]:
On Sat, 2014-01-04 at 15:50 -0200, Fernando Cassia wrote:
Why re-invent the wheel? You should build upon an existing, mature

We want an IDE built with GTK+. Not only does Netbeans look bad in
GNOME, it looks bad in every other platform, as well.

Sorry, what?!

 Something like Geany or Anjuta would be a better starting point.

I have no experience with either of those so won't comment on that. But
surely aesthetics don't drive your choice of development tools? (vi and
emacs wouldn't have as large a fanbase then, I'm sure)

Netbeans defaults to the (slightly buggy) Gtk+ L&F on Linux. Personally
I just change the L&F parameter to Nimbus and IMHO that looks pretty
nice. The important point is that it is a mature (and fully open) IDE.


Reinout van Schouwen

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