Re: libmediaart required for Tracker

I am unfamiliar with the innards of Grilo so, I can't say if it competes 
or duplicates efforts there.

Not really. I'd say Grilo could use it for populating the media art
cache using its or tmbd plugins to make those available to other
consumers or use it in it's local metadata plug-in to get the cached
media art. So all Grilo users would profit.

I knew there was a thumbnailer for GNOME some years back, I thought it 
was in GnomeVFS. However, I don't know whatever happened to it. Is it 
now in Totem? In the Nokia days we also used a different thumbnailer (of 
which I forget the name now, Philip would know) in some cases to 

Tumbler mainly IIRC.

interpolate camera taken videos/images for their thumbnails, but that's 
a slightly different use case than here.

FWIW, I'd consider thumbnails and media art being two different parts.
To me, thumbnails are a preview of a file while media art is something
like CD cover, movie posters, ...

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