Re: libmediaart required for Tracker

Hey Martyn,

On Fri, 2014-02-07 at 12:13 +0000, Martyn Russell wrote:
Hello all,

Just wanted to give people a heads up here.

Yesterday I merged a branch I've been working on (use-libmediaart¹) into 
Tracker's master branch.

It now means libmediaart is required to build Tracker.

For those unaware, libmediaart² is simply a collection of source files 
that were in Tracker and have been exported to a separate library 
because other projects (i.e. GNOME Music) were interested in a 
consistent way to manage media art (e.g. embedded album art in MP3s).

I added the dependency in jhbuild and it should work. You can also use

   $ jhbuild buildone libmediaart

and it works from my testing last night.

Any questions let me know! :)

Well, for one, I'd like to understand what it does ;)

How is this different from using thumbnails to store a file's cover art?
Does it do de-duplication based on artist+album? Should box art for,
say, videos or games be saved in there as well? Or is this simply a way
to cache "this artist + this album = this pixbuf data"?

It's quite unclear to me where in the stack it lives, and whether it
should be above or below something like grilo's sources, or totem's



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