Re: libmediaart required for Tracker

On 07/02/14 12:48, Daniel Mustieles García wrote:
Hi Martyn,

Hello Daniel,

Browsing the source code of this new library, I've seen there are
several strings, but no one has been marked as translatable. Should them
be translated or you want to keep them as they are?

I don't think there are any public APIs returning a string for anything that should be translated as far as I can see. Most strings are paths, ids, etc.

We do have some debug messages but we don't usually translate those IIRC.

If those strings are shown to the user (i.e. in the GUI) they should be
translatable, and the library should be included in Damned Lies.

Thanks for your work!

I think we're ok while the API is as it is for now.

Thanks for checking!


Founder & Director @ Lanedo GmbH.

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