Re: libmediaart required for Tracker

Hi Martyn,

Browsing the source code of this new library, I've seen there are several strings, but no one has been marked as translatable. Should them be translated or you want to keep them as they are?

If those strings are shown to the user (i.e. in the GUI) they should be translatable, and the library should be included in Damned Lies.

Thanks for your work!

2014-02-07 Martyn Russell <martyn lanedo com>:
Hello all,

Just wanted to give people a heads up here.

Yesterday I merged a branch I've been working on (use-libmediaart¹) into Tracker's master branch.

It now means libmediaart is required to build Tracker.

For those unaware, libmediaart² is simply a collection of source files that were in Tracker and have been exported to a separate library because other projects (i.e. GNOME Music) were interested in a consistent way to manage media art (e.g. embedded album art in MP3s).

I added the dependency in jhbuild and it should work. You can also use

  $ jhbuild buildone libmediaart

and it works from my testing last night.

Any questions let me know! :)



Founder & Director @ Lanedo GmbH.
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