Re: Translation commits pushed when rolling a tarball

On Sun, 2014-08-03 at 23:18 +0200, Maciej Piechotka wrote:
My guess would be to do it in 'Linux' way and avoid multiply merge 
commits would be to push the i18n to separate branch and make the 
maintainer, though I would imagine to be much more complicated for our 

Linux is probably not the best comparison because Linux has a single
person who is able to push to the master upstream tree. There is *no*
way to get your code into that except for Linus to pull it. So you have
to have a labelled tree or branch somewhere that he can reference by its

But there are plenty of other things which *do* have multiple committers
all actively pushing to the same tree. There's no need for separate
branches other than "the tip of my working tree". It really is just "oh,
someone else pushed something while I was working. I'll pull that,
handle any merge that's required if it isn't entirely automatic, retest
as necessary and push again".


After some digging about usage of git in Linx:
LWN article - "Linus does not tell 
developers not to use it [rebasing]; in fact, he encourages it 
sometimes.", "On the other hand, private history can be rebased at 
will - and it probably should be.".
Original Linus post - "So you can go 
wild on the "git rebase" thing on it", "Keep your own history readable"

Note that I'm not saying rebasing should be *banned* either. It's a
useful tool and I do it all the time.

But we shouldn't *force* people to rebase, especially not with commit
hooks which block merge commits. If we didn't do that then the whole
problem being discussed in this thread wouldn't exist.

You could still have a policy of "rebase whenever you can because..."
er, well I don't actually know why, but whatever. As long as you allow
normal git usage in the cases such as $SUBJECT where enforced-rebase is
causing a real problem.

So just dropping the commit-hook, and keeping the same policy but just
applying it a little more flexibly, should be ideal.

Or perhaps if people really insist, you could even keep the commit-hook
but make a special case in it to permit merge commits where one side of
the tree only touches the po/ directory.


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