Re: Translation commits pushed when rolling a tarball

On 08/02/2014 10:38 AM, David Woodhouse wrote:
If I use git correctly and push the *merge*, however, then my original
work is preserved. Someone later trying to work out what happened has
actually got a correct version of history to refer back to, and the
problem can be correctly tracked down to the *merge* of the concurrent

Except that this correct version of history looks like this:

  - Implement X

  - Implement Y

  - Implement Z

  - Make a whole bunch of changes all at once, some of which are
    related to X, some to Y, some to Z, and some to more than one of
    them, and without any indication of which changes relate to which
    commit so no one in the future will ever be able to figure it out
    ha ha ha.

Which sucks. So I'll stick with rebasing, thanks.

That is so far from the normal experience of using git as intended, that I
don't quite recognise it. It sounds like you've had a bad experience of
someone doing something truly bizarre and ill-advised, and it's put you
off doing things *correctly* for ever more.

Much like the libxml2 insanity with quantum symbol versioning seems to
have put people off using *that* properly. Or indeed at all.

But I wasn't necessarily expecting the "don't use git properly" policy to
be changed - it's just that nobody seemed to be acknowledging the elephant
in the room in this thread, which was that the whole problem being
discussed is an artificial one purely caused by that policy. So I felt it
appropriate to make sure it was mentioned.


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