Announce release of non-official module

Hi all,

I inherited libchamplainmm some time ago now. libchamplainmm, as you
suppose, are the C++ bindings for libchamplain. I've been working on it
to make it up to date with upstream libchamplain.

I think libchamplainmm is now quite complete. I'd like to make a
development/unstable release; i.e. create a tag and announce it. I don't
even want to push a tarball to gnome's ftp. But I would like to send an
'official' announcement to gnome-announce-list mainly to advertise the
project; probably not many people knows that C++ bindings exist.

So my question is: could I send an announcement to gnome-announce-list
without submitting a tarball, just tagging the repo?

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

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