Re: changes and new doap file requirements

On Sun, 2014-08-03 at 01:33 +0200, Olav Vitters wrote:
1. New categories: Core, Core Apps, Apps
   Note: Not every module has been put into right category. If you
   errors, please let release-team gnome org know. I'm planning to add
   some cross checks in the release team scripts to ensure everything
   is and stays aligned.

This check seems to be overaggressive. I'm trying to add a module that
does not fit into any of those categories:

$ ssh mcatanzaro git gnome org finish-import libgames-scores
ERROR: libgames-scores.doap is not valid:
   doap:category property should be one of:

Please see:
ERROR: Cannot clear pending flag as DOAP syntax is invalid

So I decided to pretend to be an app, to get past the checker, but it
didn't work: I still get the same error no matter what I do. Am I making
a mistake or is this a bug on your end? Here is my doap:

<Project xmlns:rdf="";

  <name xml:lang="en">libgames-scores</name>
  <shortdesc xml:lang="en">Track players' scores history.</shortdesc>
  <description>A library that records players' scores and presents a
scores dialog.</description>
  <homepage rdf:resource=""; />
rdf:resource=""; />

  <category rdf:resource=""; />

      <foaf:name>Michael Catanzaro</foaf:name>
      <foaf:mbox rdf:resource="mailto:mcatanzaro gnome org" />

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