Re: changes and new doap file requirements


thank you for your efforts.
I just tried to update some DOAP files (and thought it's a quick job),
but came across some questions:

On  3.8.2014 at 1:33 AM Olav Vitters wrote:
  [ Please reply to desktop-devel-list gnome org ]

André Klapper suggested we should make more use of the doap files. As a
result of that together with GUADEC, the following changes have been
made on

1. New categories: Core, Core Apps, Apps

Can you please point out how they are defined? Is software that was in
'Other' or 'Productivity tools' before an App or a Core App or nothing of them now?

2. "Owner" field shows programming language

What exactly is meant by 'Owner'? The development team of a project?
How does that relate to a programming language? To me they are different
The RDF spec has no field 'Owner', but only 'Programming language'.

How shall we deal with markup languages? From a technical point of view
they are not programming languages because they miss things like
alternations, loops and sequences.
From the point that a DOAP file should serve us value it would be
a good idea to have them added anyway to find contributors familiar
with XML, HTML etc.

For the full details behind these DOAP files, see:

The links 'DOAP files' and 'DOAP web page' are dead, but I found this

We have an old OMF file from 2004 with a subset of the DOAP information
lying around in one of our projects. I guess OMF is superseded by DOAP
now, right?

Thank you in advance,


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