Re: Opening the 3.12 cycle

Le 24/09/2013 15:44, Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) a écrit :
But apparently its the only free OS worth caring about. I think Jasper
was asking about distros as I'm pretty sure he is well aware that
systemd doesn't run on an archaic OSs, such as FreeBSD.

Would you please people stop presenting things this way ? Telling people
that if they want the work done for their platform, they should
contribute is ok. Telling them their platform is archaic is not, and is

I hate when people use offensive words for GNOME, that's not to use them
when I'm on the other side of the fence. Please let people use what they
want, and be cooperative so they can achieve their goal, as long as it
doesn't give you too much work.

FYI, I've not even used any *BSD system in my whole life, but being a
Linux user, I know what it is to be part of a beaten-down minority.
Seems some of you forgot it.

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