Opening the 3.12 cycle


with 3.10 getting wrapped up today, it is time to look ahead at the
next cycle and start making plans for what we want to achieve. We've
set up the usual page on the wiki to collect the plans:

And there is already some material there that has been carried over
from previous releases:

- Integrate Facebook photos in GNOME Photos

- Git integration in the developer experience

- GNOME Software

- Systemd for the user session

- Colour Tinting in GNOME Shell

- Videos application implementation

- Complete the GNOME Wayland port

- Integrate Zimbra in GNOME

It would be good if the owners of these features could re-evaluate
them and decide if they should really be on the list of things we want
to achieve for 3.12. If not, then just remove the page.

But maybe there are other things that people are working on, or want
to work on for 3.12 ? Now is the time to make your ideas known, and
turn them into concrete plans.


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