Re: The bunch of examples

A thing you need to understand about GNOME development is that it's developed by a large team of people who work on different parts. For instance, I've never touched nautilus in my life, but I'm one of the top GNOME Shell contributors, and I own several other modules.

A large email that goes over a large number of bugs for different components is one that's likely to be ignored by the community, because statistically, 90% of the email isn't for them.

On Sun, May 12, 2013 at 1:07 PM, bugs <bugs ttyhoney com> wrote:
Thanks! A reaction is better than none. Someone is listening!

> And thats exactly the problem. Im sure theres lots of valid criticisms
> here, but the way youve written the email does not inspire me to set out
> to fix any of them. They instead make me reach for the "delete" button
> my email client, but I figured I should let you know that before I
> pressed it. Consider this a courtesy.

I *sigh* know. This is my fault! It is merely the approach to give the
an overview, with a lot of small examples which should form a big picture.
For a lot of this bug reports exists, are closed or not opened. However,
content of the first email is more important!

A wiki or website with on sentence of description and a link with a
would be better. This would allow others and me put their critic into
more enjoyable. I wouldn't mention a point if the program isn't important
have it, good features.


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