Request to Bring forward one Gnome 3.6 feature

 This feature could be added for 3.10 and would be appreciated by end-users like myself

As a beta tester for Fedora 19, I did a Fedora 19  with Gnome 3.8 and subsequently added the default  KDE Desktop as well.

For testing, one user has KDE as his desktop, the other (me) Gnome.


So, how many icons did I find in the Gnome ALL area?

If you do select all that a "yum groupinstall"  will do for gnome and kde, the number I achieved was 183.

On my computer I show 30 icons per screen, so to peruse the ALL list I had to browse screens. 
The ALL display shows only the program names in alphabetical sequence, with games, wordprocessors, and other applications shown intermingled.  Searching by scrolling takes time.

Frequent or Recent
Eventually Frequent or Recent fills with 30 entries. If we can't find the program in the thirty, we have to select ALL, and scroll the 183 icons.  

We still use desktops and mouses, or synaptic pads on laptops.  That scrolling is necessary as there is no grouping of applications by function or user tagging. 

End Justification
With Gnome 3.6, after clicking the [:::] (bottom of favorites bar), we are presented with
ALL, ACCESSORIES, Education, Games, Graphics, ...  Wine, Other.

Now, with one keyword, from this list, I have my subset of applications and I or any user, could drop his searching effort from a maximum of 7 to 8 mouse clicks (or synaptic pad tapping, scrolling), to a very few.  

The other request is to be able to right-click on an entry within Frequency or Recent, and purge that icon from the collection­.

User Search Performance, Program Launching, etc, will become easier.

I understand that the request may not be trivial, but it is one that should strongly be considered and integrated into a near future interface . The request would also positively impact SUSE 12.3, Debian, and quite a few other distributions.


Mr. Leslie Satenstein
An experienced Information Technology specialist.
Yesterday was a good day, today is a better day,
and tomorrow will be even better.
lsatenstein yahoo com
alternative: leslie satenstein gmail com

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