Re: The bunch of examples

Thanks! A reaction is better than none. Someone is listening!

And thats exactly the problem. Im sure theres lots of valid criticisms
here, but the way youve written the email does not inspire me to set out
to fix any of them. They instead make me reach for the "delete" button
my email client, but I figured I should let you know that before I
pressed it. Consider this a courtesy.

I *sigh* know. This is my fault! It is merely the approach to give the
an overview, with a lot of small examples which should form a big picture.
For a lot of this bug reports exists, are closed or not opened. However,
content of the first email is more important!

A wiki or website with on sentence of description and a link with a
would be better. This would allow others and me put their critic into
more enjoyable. I wouldn't mention a point if the program isn't important
have it, good features.

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