Re: GNOME throbber inconsistencies?

On Wed, May 1, 2013 at 5:04 PM, Marco Scannadinari <marco scannadinari co uk> wrote:

I think using the very nice throbber by the Tango people would look a
lot nicer and reduce the work (?) needed to standardise the throbber
sizes in GNOME.

Hi Marco,

I'm not sure which is the Tango throbber you're referring to...

It doesn't really matter though in the context of this discussion: I probably didn't make this clear enough in my previous reply to you, but the reason this changed in GTK is purely technical. In order to support CSS transitions and animations properly inside the toolkit, the old animation framework previously used by GtkSpinner had to be removed.
This left us with the ability to specify the spinner animation only using CSS, and that style you see now was agreed with the Design Team to be the best compromise while the next step is implemented - if you want your spinner to spin at all.
Im sure there's a lot I'm missing, but the ideal scenario (for me) is to
revert to the Tango throbbers and subsequently their DMZ-* cursors as
well. Not to be rude, but does anyone know why the cursors were forked
from DMZ? (Apart from it needing to be black, but there is a DMZ-AA /
DMZ-Black anyway...)

I don't know the history behind the current default cursor theme, but I believe you should be able to customize your cursor theme just fine using gsettings or gnome-tweak-tool.


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