Re: GNOME throbber inconsistencies?

Hey Marco,

Marco Scannadinari <marco scannadinari co uk> wrote:
The GTK+ throbber is a dotted animation, but the one used in clutter apps / UIs use a different icon - 
instead of dots, it uses longer lines. Is this a design decision? If it is please consider the points made 
    - It is inconsistent without an obvious reason as to why this is

    - The clutter-themed throbber is also used in the Adwaita cursor theme (forked from DMZ-Black(?)), and 
with the lines which are thicker than the dotted GTK one, it makes the cursor look excessively cluttered 
(pun not intended), especially in the in progress cursor (I don't know what it is called, but it is the one 
in between the (O) loader, in Windows it is the Hourglass, and  in OSX it is the spinning beach ball, and 
the normal cursor. It is basically the normal cursor with the circle attatched. It takes up nearly all 
space in its allocated circle). See  the second and third cursors from the following link for case in point:

In my opinion, I think the throbbers should be consistent on all UIs - if this is to happen, then the GTK 
one should be used because of the second point outlined above.

Again, is this a design desicion?

I agree that the throbbers should be the same. The inconsistency is
because of a technical issue - the use of dots was the result of using
CSS and requiring scalability. A fix has been discussed in the past,
apparently. Cosimo or Benjamin can tell you more about the specifics.

IRC:  aday on

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