Re: GNOME throbber inconsistencies?

        Indeed the reason they're different is the "line style" the
        shell spinner - and former GtkSpinner widget - has is not
        possible to do with pure CSS gradients while keeping arbitrary
        scalability of the widget.
        Our long term plan for this would be to have a set of predefined
        sizes for the spinner (as we currently do for icons). This would
        make it possible to achieve the animation from the theme using
        actual image assets instead of layered CSS gradients, which
        gives us all the flexibility we need to ensure consistency, but
        no-one stepped in and actually tried to implement this idea yet.

I think using the very nice throbber by the Tango people would look a
lot nicer and reduce the work (?) needed to standardise the throbber
sizes in GNOME.
Im sure there's a lot I'm missing, but the ideal scenario (for me) is to
revert to the Tango throbbers and subsequently their DMZ-* cursors as
well. Not to be rude, but does anyone know why the cursors were forked
from DMZ? (Apart from it needing to be black, but there is a DMZ-AA /
DMZ-Black anyway...)
Marco Scannadinari <marco scannadinari co uk>

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