Re: Porting GNOME to Wayland NFS performance in GNOME 3

On Tue, Mar 19, 2013 at 12:48:40AM +0100, stefan skoglund(agj) wrote:
The RedHat thing is a really longlived bug in redhats bugzilla about
gvfs metadata induced overload of NFS servers. That bug is rather bad
and i think that if it isn't resolved it will make GNOME3 impossible to
run in NFS-environments.

Could you please stop using vague phrases like 'RedHat thing'. I have no
idea what you're talking about. Either be specific, or just stop. It
seems you're referring to GNOME, which is not a 'RedHat thing'. But
actually I have no clue at all what you're suggesting with that. I am
pretty sure that you're wrong though.


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