Re: Porting GNOME to Wayland

fre 2013-03-15 klockan 14:32 -0400 skrev Matthias Clasen:
Spring is in the air - things change, people are looking for things to
try and new goals. I propose that we set ourselves a new goal: port
GNOME to Wayland

Wayland has reached the 1.0 milestone recently and it has already had
some good success in the embedded space. Many of us have silently
assumed that Wayland is the future display system on Linux, and that
we will get to using it eventually. But to reach its full potential,
it needs the push of a full desktop porting project. I think GNOME is
the right project for this and now is the right time for us to embrace

I am confident that the Wayland and X communities will be able to help
us in reaching this goal.

One thing i which concerns me is how the different compositors
(gnome-shell, kwin, mutter and enlightenment) will behave if the users
home directory is delivered thru NFS .

I dont think Redhat wants to have the same type of conversation they had
with an client about GVFS bad behaviour when running over NFS if an
wayland compositor is sensitive to the same type of race condition as

OR is the gnome community of the belief that NFS-accessed home
directories is obsolete ?
The race condition in gvfsd can be triggered in the use case of a single
user desktop on a single machine but said machine needs to be heavily

I wont be able to run wayland on my machine (old nv20-based graphical
card.) Anyone with a spare agp card with really good support in current
day ?

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