Probem using X-Chat Gnome with Debian Servers


I am using XChat-GNOME 0.3.0 to connect to IRC networks. For Freenode and Gnome servers I have no problems connecting (it just takes a little long). But when I am connected to Debian Servers and suspend the computer, upon reconnecting XChat tries to connect to an unknown host and fails, here are the lines from the log:

 Looking up
 Unknown host. Maybe you misspelled it?

I then have to choose IRC->Connect from the menu and reconnect manually. For the other servers such as Freenode and Gnome I do not have this problem. I have already tried to change the server information in the Network list, and enter the correct server name, but for some reason, Xchat tries to connect to this unknown server everytime it looses the connection and then it fails. Is this a bug in XChat or a Problem with the debian servers? Does anyone know of this problem?

Kind Regards

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