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fre 2013-03-15 klockan 14:32 -0400 skrev Matthias Clasen:

I dont think Redhat wants to have the same type of conversation they had
with an client about GVFS bad behaviour when running over NFS if an
wayland compositor is sensitive to the same type of race condition as

In general, using NFS is a bad idea for a desktop in any case.  As you say there is any number of conditions due to locking that could cause race conditions.
OR is the gnome community of the belief that NFS-accessed home
directories is obsolete ?
The race condition in gvfsd can be triggered in the use case of a single
user desktop on a single machine but said machine needs to be heavily

Speaking of someone who has been in a very large enterprise environment where our home directories were all NFS mounted, we never ran into these issues.  Why?  Because we all ran fvwm and not a full blown desktop OS.

It would be better to run desktops in their own virtual machines or on bare metal.  Then use desktop backup software to back things up.  This is precisely the model we are currently moving to.

I wont be able to run wayland on my machine (old nv20-based graphical
card.) Anyone with a spare agp card with really good support in current
day ?

I'll see if I have one.  But getting a used recent graphics card should be a fairly easy thing to do, yes?

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