An update on 3.8 goals

Here is one of my semiregular updates on our current goals (see )

GSettingsMigration - I'm almost ready to declare this done.
gnome-terminal finally joined the dconf world for 3.8 (thanks to
Christian Persch), which just leaves aisleriot as the sole holdout.

PortToGMenu - There's still a number of GNOME apps that could use some
love here, but we are making (slow) progress - gnome-calculator and
gnome-terminal (again) have app menus now

LibsecretMigration - This one looks near done too; just need to find
somebody to review the gnome-shell patch

PortToGstreamer1 - ready to be retired; the GNOME modules are all done

PrintToFile - this goal has not received a lot of attention yet; still
a lot of places to improve things here; requires minimal C knowledge

DesktopFileKeywords - huge progress here, in large part due to
tireless efforts by Daniel Mustieles (thanks, Daniel !). What we need
to get this goal completed for 3.8 is a bit of patch review by the
gnome-games maintainers.

HighContrastAppIcons - we've made some progress, but there's still a
chance to contribute if you have some artistic talents. Three icons
that I would really like to see in HighContrast for 3.8 are boabab,
gnome-disks and gnome-packagekit (in particular the last one, which is
currently represented by a big red dot - ugh).

Python3Porting  - this still has lots of openings, if you speak Python

NotificationSource - we've got some important applications done, so
the notification panel will not come up empty at least, but there are
still plenty of apps to check and fix

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