Re: Recommended office suite?


On 02/09/12 11:08 PM, Mattias Eriksson wrote:
> However, I haven't seen any talk about Abiword and
> Gnumeric on the gnome mailinglists or on for quite a while
> (I actually was under the impression that these projects had been
> abandoned). 

AbiWord isn't developed within the Gnome infrastructure, therefore the
fact it is not being discussed on Gnome mailing or others isn't an
indication of it being abandoned - nor is the lack of update of the VERY
BUGGY development snapshot that Ubuntu dare to ship. Swing by #abiword
on GimpNet IRC if you want to be convinced - I'm there during the day
and often envening in the Pacific Timezone ; other contributors as well.

While the development as slowed down due to the availability of
contributors (remember it is 100% volunteer run), it is still going on.
We have had 6 Summer of Code project this year, as an example ; and we
have a few other people working on fixing bugs. There is a Gtk3 port
that is avaialable in trunk and 2.9.4 (development snapshot) should be
out soon as well.



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