Re: Recommended office suite?

On 3 September 2012 09:48, Justin Joseph <justin manj gmail com> wrote:
> Jeremy Bicha said[1] that they will not include documtents in ubuntu-gnome
> as it depends on libreoffice. He later said that the way it is packaged
> right now in debian/ubuntu. I guess he is talking that comment.

Right, in Debian/Ubuntu, gnome-documents has a soft-dependency
(recommends) on unoconv which has a soft dependency on all of
libreoffice. In Debian & Ubuntu, "recommends" are installed by
default. I could push a Ubuntu package that drops one of those
recommends, but being able to open ODF formats is a nice feature. I
have to admit that I don't really understand what unoconv does or what
packages it actually needs.

> Anyways they are including mostly repo versions of gnome (nautilus 3.4,
> totem 3.4, shell 3.4, etc.). So nothing exciting for gonme fans, I guess.

I disagree. For one, we already have GNOME Shell 3.5.4 and I expect
that we'll be able to include GNOME Shell 3.6. Seb Bacher has
explained multiple times on this very mailing list why Totem 3.6 won't
be able to be included in the next Ubuntu release (dropped support for
gstreamer-0.10). Nautilus, Totem, and whatever other 3.6 components
that aren't included are a very easy install away from the GNOME3 PPA.
The PPA is recommended in our release notes.

Part of the reason for the Ubuntu GNOME Remix is to bring Ubuntu and
GNOME closer together again and I believe that is happening.


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