Another gnome goals update

Time again to look at the goals we targeted for 3.6:

gsettings migration: all but done for the core, module 2 modules
(aisleriot, gnome-terminal), who have to wait for the arrival of
gsettings list early next cycle. If you want to be a hero, devhelp
also needs to be completed still. Outside the core, there's still a
few things to be done, like planner, sound-juicer and banshee.

xdg config dirs: pretty much done for the core, as well, only
telepathy-mission-control still in process. There's tons of 3rd party
apps on the list, if you want to make the world a better place. A
little highlight: we got git itself converted to xdg config dirs.

port to gtkapplications: slow but stead progress here. I think we are
about 75% done for the core, some more work is needed for modules like
brasero, gnome-system-monitor, gnome-terminal and vino, amon others.

port to gmenu:same story as gtkapplication (no surprise, since the two
are closely related)

remove markup in translations: about 2/3 done. This is an easy one, if
you are not into heavy patch writing. It mainly involves picking a
module, looking over its .pot file in po/ (or any .po file), and
looking for suspicious occurrences of xml markup - if nothing shows
up, you're done. Otherwise, look at the source where the string came
from and figure out a way to construct the string without the markup
in the _().

new doc infrastructure: all but done for the core, just a gdm patch
left to land. There's some 3rd party modules on the list if you enjoy
doing this kind of Makefile editing

We also added a few goals later in the cycle:

libsecret migration: slowly progressing. We have a few modules
converted now, which is good to get libsecret some exposure and
testing. All the outstanding modules have initial patches by Stef. If
your module is among them, checking that patch out, and testing it
might be nice. But we're under no pressure to complete this for 3.6,
libsecret can coexist just fine with libgnome-keyring.

port to gstreamer 1.0: underway. we've made progress here with the
cheese port, which should allow control-center and contacts to follow.
If your module is using gstreamer, it would be fantastic to look into
the status of the porting and do some testing.

Finally, we have a new addition to the set of active goals:

print to file improvement: this is an easy one. It just involves
changing a few lines of code in the place where you set up the
printing support for your application. But it will make live much
better for people who need to produce lots of pdfs. So, taking a look
at that would be great.

All the goal pages can be found here:

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