Re: GnomeGoal for 3.8: DesktopFileKeywords

On 4 November 2012 22:22, Matthias Clasen <matthias clasen gmail com> wrote:
> We've had good success with 'adopting' a few GnomeGoals[1] as official
> targets for 3.6, and we want to repeat this for 3.8.
> And here are new goals that we want to tackle this cycle:
> DesktopFileKeywords - add a Keywords field to desktop files, to
> improve gnome-shell search for applications. This goal doesn't require
> any programming skills.

One thing that many module maintainers may be unaware of is that GNOME
Shell 3.6 no longer matches on comments so comments should be
converted to keywords.

A few months ago, I introduced keyword support to my wife as a way for
her to find apps by typing what she wanted to do. She immediately
tried typed in "crop a picture" which returned no results. Some of the
initial Keywords submissions (many from the Ubuntu community) don't
have verbs which I see as pretty important.

I also think GNOME Shell (and anything else that implements Keywords
.desktop support) should have a list of common connecting words which
it ignores. "a, an, the" is a good start. That blacklist should be

Finally, I did a blog post about the Ubuntu desktop help (which is a
branch of the GNOME Desktop Help). I suggested that users type "Help"
into the Unity Dash to see the help. One of my readers doesn't use the
English locale and typing that in returned no results. I think we
should always show matches for the English name and keywords fields.
To take it one step further, it would be cool if translators could opt
in to a second language like this. For instance I suspect many
Tunisian users would like to see French results in addition to Arabic


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