Re: Some points about IM integration

On Wed, May 16, 2012 at 1:39 AM, Aron Xu <aronxu gnome org> wrote:
> 1.GNOME is trying to have IMF integration - cool stuff.
> 2.But it is warned by specialized people that the plan is broken - can
> lead to poor implementation and breakage.
> 3.People insist on having it right now for 3.6 - then must work hard
> on fix-ups in the future.
> 4.As said before, if IBus is getting replaced - then re-work the whole thing.
Such bad cycle can happen in any software projects.

> I sincerely would like to see both the thread and all the people calm
> down and think more about it, then come around it some time later.
> I believe everyone who would like to be involved in the implementation
> wants to see something constructive, not tempered, not trollish, and
> not rushing. Then I'd like to propose all the IBus related work in
> wip/input-sources branch of the following components being suspended
> at once:
>  gnome-control-center
>  gnome-shell
>  gnome-settings-daemon
>  gsettings-desktop-schemas
> This feature should postponed at least for GNOME 3.6, even if we have
> agreed on something, six months is too short for producing an almost
> good release for users according to the current situation.
> For future discussions, we will try to make GNOME developers
> understand what input method really is and know about user's
> requirements. Then we, including GNOME people, IBus developers and
> Fcitx developers sit down together to figure out what's the right way
> to do, as re-implementing things is painful at least for users, who
> really suffer from the result.
Would the situation change if we suspend the work now?

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