Re: Some points about IM integration

Is there any reason that picking one input method framework is bad, if
we do it right? If the experience sucks and users have to switch to
another input method framework, yes, we've done it wrong, as Owen says
in the original email. But if it works pretty much out of the box for
all cases, what's wrong with tight integration?

We already have several hard requirements, out of practicality. GNOME
chose GTK+ as our main toolkit. GNOME chose PulseAudio as our main
sound server. We do this because we don't have the resources to
support Qt or EFL or Motif or Xaw. Nor do we have the resources to
support ESD or OSS.

I doubt we have the resources to support both IBus and FCITX, and
provide a good experience for both. Individual distributions may, but
that's their call, not GNOME's.

As for the "prove it with code" argument, it's not a data point until
it happens. When it happens, I may switch my opinion.

On Tue, May 15, 2012 at 2:41 PM, Justin Wong <bigeagle xdlinux info> wrote:
> Sorry for being mad, no offence to u.
> First I would say I approve GNOME to integrate with an IMF, and even choose
> one IMF as defualt.
> BUT, IMF must be switchable.
> As I have said for several times, provide a interface that IMFs can be well
> integrated with GNOME.
> There is a solution too satisfy multipul IMFs, but our points' are just
> Ignored , even though Wen Xuetian has said he can prove it with code!
> GNOME provide machanism, IMFs provide implementation.
> It's not time to discuss WHICH IMF should be integrated, it's time to
> discuss HOW IMF can be integrated.
> I know it will not be a easy job, but it's something that should be done.
> Whichever IMF u now choose as the only IMF for gnome, u are KILLING othe
> IMFs, so do u think other IMFs' developers work worth nothing?
> PLEASE, calm down, slow down, and discuss about how to provide a machanism,
> and how IMFs can be integrated.
> P.S. Ma said "u can switch and fork", yes, surely I can do, but GNOME user
> will suffer an dirty hacked input system, that's too selfish.
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