Re: 3.6 Feature: IBus/XKB integration

(05/15/12 15:28), Marguerite Su-san wrote:
On Tue, May 15, 2012 at 11:11 AM, Takao Fujiwara<tfujiwar redhat com>  wrote:

I'm working on the ibus integration.

(05/13/12 13:31), Justin Wong-san wrote:

Well this is how ibus is done, as u can see, ugly.

but i should say  users would never see this long long menu, because this
menu provides 13 kinds of input methods for users, where normal users use
less than 3 input methods, this screenshot is just to show ibus can
provide so many IMs....

The long menu has been enhanced in the latest ibus-gjs gtk3-vala branch. But
it still do not work in other distros because we're discussing how the
internal patches are resolved.
Probably the latest will be available for other distros soon.
We're still discussing the better UI.


Sorry, it's a bit old as I explained above.
It would miss some important features against the last ibus-gjs. E.g. using
libgnomekbd and preloaded xkb engines.
Yes, ibus-gjs does not support fcitx because upstream suggests to pick up
one input method as the implementation itself would be possible.

Welcome! fujuwara, as IBus developer!

I'm glad to see this thread diversified.

that sounds a little sad to me actually.

then others really have to reinvent the wheels...and if deep
integrated, to reinvent the wheels really hard.

Currently I suggest an option to check ibus-1.0.pc in whether gnome-shell enables ibus or not.
So probably I think the default recommended IMF would be ibus but it can be configured by each distros.
I'm also thinking ibus-gjs provides the same UI with keyboard indicator when ibus-daemon is not running.


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