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I am a Fedora Packager, maintaining fcitx and its related packages for Fedora. I am working for submitting review requests for fcitx related pacakges. 

Two months ago I joined in offline meeting of Hong Kong Linux User Group. I heard from Linuxers in Hong Kong that ibus-table-quick could not type Traditional Chinese when locale is set to en_HK.UTF-8. They tried to report the bug to upstream and contact with Red Hat i18n group. No one followed and handled it. The bug still exists now. The biggest problem is that iBus is designed for Simplified Chinese not for Traditional Chinese. How could they solve it? They dirty hacked ibus-table. But it is not a good solution for it.  On June, Hong Kong will host GNOME Asia Summit. They can show it to you. 

And many Taiwan Linuxer do don't use iBus. They do love HIME and gcin. A few of them are using iBus. 

For me, I use ibus-pinyin to type long Chinese sentences continuously. Ibus-pinyin will be quite laggy. I could not make sure that fcitx has better experience. However, I am using fcitx now. I don't feel it laggy. I consider fcitx is a better solution for me. I don't care whether ibus will integrate with GNOME finally or not. I believe iBus is not a good input method framework as GNOME default choice at this time. I just hope GNOME can ensure that users can easily to change their input method framework. 

I want to ask another question. When iBus integrates with GNOME successfully, A new, recognized, better input method framework appears one year later. How does GNOME handle the new one? Will GNOME spend one or two release cyles in dropping integration with iBus and integrating new input method framework? I believe it is wastes of time and human resources. In my opinion, GNOME should provides a generic interface for input method framework, not only deeply integration with iBus. 

Three months ago, I was ever an iBus user. But now, I am a fcitx fans. 

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On Sun, May 13, 2012 at 5:16 AM, Shaun McCance <shaunm gnome org> wrote:
On Sun, 2012-05-13 at 00:03 +0800, Weng Xuetian wrote:
> Actually I see this is an impossible mission for gnome.
> I see no one here really understand the real needs of input method.
> Fix UI? That's not the main problem of ibus.

I'm having a very hard time following this. Can somebody who knows
what they're talking about (like you or Marguerite) give details on
what the main problems with IBus actually are? You say many users
prefer other IM frameworks, and I believe you, but I don't know why
exactly. How is IBus failing them?


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