Re: About the name of GNOME 3 core application names / translation

Sounds like the issue comes out of text strings referring to the
applications, not from copyright/trademark issues with the names

I guess I would recommend this approach:

Copyright statement
"copyright 2012 Gnome Web Browser"
"copyright 2012 Gnome Files" or "copyright 2012 Gnome File Manager"

and the other
"Open with file manager" or "Open with file browser"

After all, isn't this really a matter of context? Also, wouldn't this
be similar to Open Office/Libre Office? They use somewhat generic
names for the different apps in the suite. I can't imagine that their
copyright line for Open Office Writer is

"copyright 2012 Writer"

can it be?

Another example is Apple's apps for OSX: "Mail" "Calendar" "Finder"
and they usually identify them as applications rather than the
respective nouns by adding ".app" at the end: ""
"" and "". Of course, Linux doesn't have such a
specific file extension for user-accessible applications, but I think
using "Gnome Mail" and "Apple Mail" would be a very similar solution
to the problem.

Just my two cents.

Jason Simanek

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