Re: [gnome-settings-daemon] datetime: Remove datetime D-Bus mechanism

Le 20/01/2012 17:28, Matthias Clasen a écrit :

How about: distributors should keep on top of what's happening with
the things they are distributing ?
Right, that's one possibility (and basically what it's happening nowadays), but it makes the distributors' job harder and so increases the likeness that GNOME users will get a suboptimal experience on their distribution. It's neither a win situation for GNOME since it's not showing as good as it should for those users nor for the distributors.

Or maybe you just don't have time for that because you are busy
working on your own platform ?
Dunno for others but speaking for Ubuntu as a distribution we do keep with what is happening. This cycle we decided to stay on GNOME 3.2 so we are fine and we will have time to add the services required before landing 3.4 next cycle.

Jeremy and some others are working to provide GNOME 3.4 in a ppa for the users who want it though, that will like create issues for them and for the users who will run the next version and will get a degraded experience.

It's also going to be an issue for i.e Debian. They seemed to be looking at GNOME 3.4 for the next release (their freeze is a bit after 3.4) but they will not use systemd by default so they either have to figure what they can do with their limited resources, ship with non working features, or stay on 3.2.

Sebastien Bacher

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