Re: [gnome-settings-daemon] datetime: Remove datetime D-Bus mechanism

Le 20/01/2012 15:49, Bastien Nocera a écrit :
Most of them are listed in the page that Olav pointed to:

Not updating it for the latest changes is my mistake.
This wiki page is something but it would be better if GNOME could:
- do public announces a cycle in advance of what new system requirements will be added to let distributors adapt to those
- document somewhere what interfaces exactly are required and since when

The actual talk of using systemd's timedated and localed services was in
May 2011:
And the bugzilla itself (for which you receive notification mails)
opened since September.

I think that's enough time to implement the functionality.

Right, out of the fact that there were different opinions in the community on those topic and no consensus in that discussion, nor project statement that those new requirements had been approved and would be enforced.

Sebastien Bacher

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