Re: Module Proposal: Zeitgeist

I agree with Florian here. It took me a bit of time to interact with
the design team but it is possible.
It is a very young team and extremely busy and overloaded. They are
welcoming for anyone to work with them on design and once you get
their attention they will help you integrate more. The best way to be
heard is to get involved.

But I also understand Luis. I have been working with Allan Day and
others for a while now and they are a very productive. The missing
point here is that maybe and only maybe because most of the designers
are hired by RH (which i consider a blessing if you get paid to work
for GNOME), they forget the social capital which is the community,
that will implement the work they design. Without interaction with the
community no work will be done. And by saying this has to be done
because it was decided without any written form or communication it
makes things harder. Yes I know there is a wiki but sometimes a
developer wants to discuss design decisions but due to the lack of
communication efforts from both sides, it seems that the decisions are
taken by the design team.

My point is that designers should communicate and respect the opinions
of the developers. Developers don't just wait to the last moment. Get
involved and discuss. I know every side has its own priorities, but we
are a community and discussions and compromises need to be made.

We want to deliver a product. Some of us get paid to do this, but not
all of us. Most of us do it as fun and in our free time. We are a
community, this means there is a social aspect involved. And if we can
not nurture this social aspect, issues like these show up.

Maybe the decision process is flawed. Sometimes technical aspects can
not be decided by the design team and thus I would recommend having 2
types of proposals. a feature proposal (UX) and a module proposal
(technical stuff).


On Sun, Apr 22, 2012 at 4:11 PM, Florian Müllner <fmuellner gnome org> wrote:
> On Sat, Apr 21, 2012 at 9:28 PM, Luis Medinas <lmedinas gnome org> wrote:
>> do you really want to start talking about what the community think about
>> this ? Because if you want to start talking i recommend to see how many
>> threads we have, specially on gnome-shell ml, about design decisions that
>> makes the community powerless against the almighty Design Team.
> ... and from before the design team even existed, there are even more
> threads about "design decisions that make the community powerless against
> the almighty GNOME Developers" - the (rightful) answer to that is usually
> "don't just complain, get involved". The same still holds true with the
> design team - really, those folks would *love* seeing more people getting
> involved.
> Regards,
> Florian
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