Re: Module Proposal: Zeitgeist

So let me try to take "Web" use cases that could use Zeitgeist:
  • The user wants to type in the location bar and have suggestions pop out while typing. 
  • The user wants to blacklist some websites or all websites starting with "porn" from being stored in history
  • The user wants to disable history completely temporary
  • The user want to know where he downloaded a file from
While I know all these features can be done without Zeitgeist. But why hack around if there is something there already, which could allow these ideas to be implemented with a few lines of code?

Also I am aware that soon the design team wants to work on a Privacy feature. While privacy is much more than logging and encapsulates domain such as "sharing".

Imagine the user want to delete traces of his activities from the last 30 minutes, this includes logs from Web and maybe logs from Music.

I think Zeitgeist sets up a good basis for manipulating and managing the application logs if applications choose to share with Zeitgeist its activities. What do you think? We already did initial work on this downstream for Ubuntu and Dawati and I think GNOME could leverage from that.

I know these are all features that are not proposed for 3.6 but would it work if I proposed our Activity Log Manager for GNOME 3.6 as a feature... I guess not, since Zeitgeist is not the main mean for logging activities in GNOME. What do you think?


On Wed, Apr 18, 2012 at 11:43 PM, Seif Lotfy <seif lotfy com> wrote:
On Wed, Apr 18, 2012 at 11:35 PM, Allan Day <allanpday gmail com> wrote:
Seif Lotfy <seif lotfy com> wrote:
> There are 3 issues in discussion or in development where Zeitgeist
> integration is reaching a halt due to the uncertainty of where Zeitgeist
> stands:
> Epiphany (Web): There has long been discussions on how to deploy Zeitgeist
> as a backend for Web. Web needed to rethink its history problem. It ended up
> with developing an SQLite based history backend. Right now we are discussing
> replacing this backend with Zeitgeist, since Zeitgeist can do everything the
> SQLite backend can. plus we can add new features to Web that make use of
> Zeitgeist's Full-Text-Search capabilities for "searching" via the uri bar.

We don't have a design for browser history search in Web yet [1].

This has nothing to do with design honestly. This is a way to save history. Make it easier and more efficient for Web to store/retrieve history. How would that effect the UX?

> Folks: I added some new properties to the individuals class in folks
> (currently in review). Now I could give more detail and allow the Contacts
> app to sort individuals by recency/frequency of interaction. The telepathy
> backend for this feature needs Zeitgeist. The Telepathy backend can provide
> even more info such as "Show me all files sent to X or recevied from X"
> (same goes for URIs). This feature was requested by Garrett LeSage from the
> GNOME Design team.

That was considered in the Contacts design process, but it was decided
that it wasn't appropriate/useful.

I am not challenging  this decision but fwiw I sort my GTalk contacts via most popular. Which is something I think calculated via "frequency of use"/"recently used". Does this mean having this option in the Folks library (which is something not UI or UX related) not allowed.

> Clocks: The clocks app is designed by the GNOME designers. It is still more
> or less a prototype I am working on alongside Emily Gonyer. We wanted to
> make use of Zeitgeist in storing "Alarms" as a type of "scheduled event", it
> sounds like shoehorning but it is not. I am just hesitant because I myself
> as a GNOME member do not want to use a technology or force integrate it
> without GNOME agreeing of the usage of Zeitgeist.

It might help for you to elaborate why Zeitgeist is needed there.
Clocks is intended to be a really simple application.

We need to be able to store Alarms. And those alarms should still work while the clocks application is closed. For that we need a central storage for the scheduled event which is the alarm, to notify all subscribers including Shell that an alarm went off. Same would go for timers.
What do you think?

> As I see also there is some ideas going around for the searching via Shell.
> I agree that every application should be able to provide it search results
> to shell (aggregated search). I think Zeitgeist could fit in there nicely to
> sort the aggregated results globally according to recency or frequency.

There are some designs in development for shell search [2], and these
have implications for how we want search results to be returned within
individual applications. I don't have the expertise to comment on
which technologies are required to implement those.

As mentioned previously in this thread, I'd expect to see a specific
feature proposal for 3.6, rather than a module proposal. A new feature
might require new dependencies, of course (which you might have to justify, I
guess). You could certainly propose Clocks as a feature for 3.6...

I really would rather have the technologies I am allowed to use figured out before I continue with alarms. Currently Emily is doing some more designing.


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