Re: Launching an application requires too many mouse clicks in Gnome 3

Ok, I can admit the overview mode is somewhat more user friendly than
alt-f2. But still, demanding users to use their keyboard to perform such
basic task as launching an application is not the way to achieve user

To be more precise, I suppose all those methods of launching
applications serve different purpose :

1) alt-f2 : enable advanced users to execute some command or launch an
application quickly.

2) dockbar : enable users to access their most frequently used

3) overview mode : enable users to search for an application with

4) program menu : enable users to browse through all the available
applications by categories.

You cannot replace one method with another, rather they are designed to
complement other methods to enhance user experience.

My point was, the current implementation of 4) requires its users
unnecessarily cumbersome interactions with their mouse, which could be
fixed by some simple design modifications.

2011-09-04 (일), 19:38 +0300, Zeeshan Ali (Khattak):
> On Sun, Sep 4, 2011 at 9:25 AM, Xavier Cho <fender_rules yahoo co kr> wrote:
> > In that case, we can just remove the application menu altogether and let
> > them alt-f2 type commands to launch applications.
>   Thats not the same thing at all. In case of alt-f2, user has to know
> the exact and complete name of the application. Where as in overview
> mode, she/he just
> types a few letters of either the name of the command or the generic
> name. For example, typing 'mus' in the overview-mode brings-up
> rhythmbox as the only option.

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