Re: Launching an application requires too many mouse clicks in Gnome 3

In that case, we can just remove the application menu altogether and let
them alt-f2 type commands to launch applications.

Providing categorised applications menu is for the case when user
doesn't know the launch command or name of the application he/she wants
to open. And many users prefer mouse clicks to key typing.

2011-09-04 (일), 01:58 -0400, Jeremy Bicha:
> On 4 September 2011 01:43, Xavier Cho <fender_rules yahoo co kr> wrote:
> > Most of all, I think Gnome 3 requires too much user interaction when
> > navigating in the program menu. In the days of global application menu, when
> > you need to launch an application all you need to do was 1) click on the
> > panel menu icon, 2) and navigate by hovering your mouse over the categories,
> > 3) then click on the application. All it needed was 2 clicks and minimal
> > mouse movement.
> > However in Gnome 3, you need first 1) move your mouse to the upper left
> > corner of the screen, 2) and click on the programs menu, 3) wait couple of
> > seconds (especially when you click it for the first time), 4) move your
> > mouse to the opposite end of the screen to click through the application
> > categories, 5) and again move your mouse pointer to where the application
> > is, 6) and finally click on the icon to launch it.
> > In summary, now it requires 3 + number of categories clicks and much more
> > mouse traversal to lauch an application, which I feel a setback in terms of
> > user experience compared to Gnome 1&2.
> Devil's advocate. It is possible to launch apps without any mouse
> clicks. Press the Windows key (or whatever you like to call the thing)
> to open Activities. Type a few letters, (optionally use the arrow
> keys), and press Enter to launch the app.
> Jeremy Bicha
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