Re: Feature proposal: Alternative input system based on low-cost webcam

On 10/24/2011 09:16 AM, Vincent Untz wrote:
>> There are other apps included on GNOME moduleset but not at GNOME git
>> (ie: inkscape is also hosted at sourceforge).
> That's the difference between core and non-core. For proper integration
> with GNOME (which includes integration in gnome-shell, g-c-c, etc.),
> this feature would need to be in core, which has additional
> requirements.

I was aware of those difference. But it is true that I missed to do a
analysis in this aspect in relation of both eViacam and Dasher (in a
different thread) (so thanks for the reminder)

> Inkscape, on the other hand is not part of GNOME core -- it's a great
> application, but it doesn't need any deep integration with the core of
> the desktop.

In this aspect, and taking into account the know problems with the
integration of eViacam and Dasher, it is clear that we can't ask them to
be accepted as GNOME core, at least for the moment. But both are really
great applications and cover functionality that we feel are we lack
right now. And we feel that it would be easier to improve their
integration with the core if we include them on GNOME ecosystem. Or
explaining this from other POV. If someone ask for that feature and ask
on #a11y channel for an app solving this, we will recommend those.

And in this aspect,  and in relation with what I said about a missing
analysis, after thinking a little on all the accessibility features
proposed, it is clean (IMHO) that there are two different groups:

* Valid as core, so valid as a feature proposal):
   * zoom dialog
   * Brightness and contrast functionality
   * Focus caret/tracking
   * Braille translator
* Work still required to be core, so not valid as a feature proposal but
the moment, just asking them to be include on GNOME apps modulesets:
   * eViacam
   * Dasher

Although in the case of eViacam it is still required to debate if it is
valid also to be included on GNOME moduleset.


Alejandro Piñeiro Iglesias

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