Re: Feature proposal: Alternative input system based on low-cost webcam


> The application provides that UI (here [1][2] for some screenshots) in
> order to:
>   * Configure the application (on the screenshot the Configuration dialog)

I am not a designer but I would somehow wonder if they would consider
this a good user-interface design.

>   * A main window showing the input of the webcam, in order to get some
> feedback (ie: if the head region was properly set)

Does this use gstreamer? In general, is the application using gstreamer
as de-facto standard for webcams in Linux/GNOME?

>   * And finally, some visual elements are required to be present
> continuously. On that screenshot, the icons at that kind of top panel,
> called the click window. It is used to allow the user the kind of click
> (left, right, drag&drop, etc)

Those should be displayed in the shell directly I guess (and in fallback
mode somehow).

In general, shouldn't we consider to split the application into
front-end-configuration and a backend process so that the UI doesn't
have to be cross-platform (which is always a compromise) and we can
still benefit from all the details done in the backend.


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