Re: Feature proposal: Alternative input system based on low-cost webcam

On Fri, Oct 21, 2011 at 12:28 PM, Piñeiro <apinheiro igalia com> wrote:

> And finally, the main concern could be about the graphical toolkit.
> eViacam uses wxWidgets [3][4], in order to ensure a native look and feel
> on both Windows and Linux systems. wxGTK is the most common wxWidgets
> port, meaning that it will be using Gtk+ native widgets wherever
> possible. This feature proposal would include the proposal of wxWidgets
> as a external dependency.

I think both sourceforge and wxWidgets are disqualifying problems.

But I think the proposal needs some clarification anyway. What exactly
is being proposed here ? The initial description made it sound like a
special input method that is taylored to a11y needs. I don't really
see how wxWidgets comes into this at all - shouldn't this be a session
service that analyzes the webcam input and drives the mouse ? Where
does UI come into this ?

On the other hand, the UI that _is_ needed here is a new switch in the
shell universal access menu and
some support in the a11y panel in the control-center. Neither of these
can be done using wxWidgets, obviously...

Just adding some standalone application using a foreign toolkit
doesn't make this an integrated feature.


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