Re: Feature proposal: Alternative input system based on low-cost webcam

2011/10/22 Richard Hughes <hughsient gmail com>:
> On 21 October 2011 17:28, Piñeiro <apinheiro igalia com> wrote:
>>  * Look and feel: some people could not agree with current interface
>> [2]. This shouldn't be a blocker thought.
>> This feature proposal would include the proposal of wxWidgets
>> as a external dependency.
> wxWidgets applications differ lots from "native" applications. I
> really don't think depending on wxWidgets is a good idea.

Although I'm not an active user of wxWidgets I do know that the
maintenance of wxWidgets in Debian has always been a major hassle.
E.g. there still isn't a stable upstream release of wxWidgets that
supports GTK 3. There is supposed to be one beginning next year, but
apparently that has been said since almost three years.
And the current stable branch, 2.8, still uses obsolete libraries like
libgnomeprint and apparently wxWidgets upstream likes to introduce
disruptive changes within a stable branch.

So I hope, that we won't depend on wxWidgets as toolkit.


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