Re: Feature proposal: Alternative input system based on low-cost webcam

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> De: Richard Hughes <hughsient gmail com>
> Para: Piñeiro <apinheiro igalia com>
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> Enviado: sábado 22 de octubre de 2011 11:47
> Asunto: Re: Feature proposal: Alternative input system based on low-cost webcam
> On 21 October 2011 17:28, Piñeiro <apinheiro igalia com> wrote:
>>   * Repositories: right now it is on sourceforge. This shouldn't be a
>>  blocker thought.
> I'm pretty sure it needs to be on
>>   * Look and feel: some people could not agree with current interface
>>  [2]. This shouldn't be a blocker thought.
>>  This feature proposal would include the proposal of wxWidgets
>>  as a external dependency.
> wxWidgets applications differ lots from "native" applications. I
> really don't think depending on wxWidgets is a good idea.

Well, I think a wxWidgets application can look like a native GNOME 
application if you want to, and it's not difficult for an average GUI. You're 
using native GTK widgets after all.

>>  In addition to wxwidgets, eViacam has also dependencies with opencv and

>>  libv4l1, that should be included as external dependencies.
> Shouldn't eViacam should be ported to libv4l2?

I checked the lastest version of eviacam and it uses the v4l2 API. I think that it 
just that the configure file uses linux/videodev.h and libv4l1-videodev.h for 
detecting the presence of v4l, that consist of 3 different libraries: libv4lconvert, 
libv4l1 and libv4l2.


   -- Juanjo Marin

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