Re: systemd as external dependency

On Wed, 2011-05-18 at 17:51 -0500, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:
> On Wed, 2011-05-18 at 21:50 +0100, Bastien Nocera wrote:
> > Which is why I've asked Lennart to add a flag to systemd's configure to
> > install only the little servicey bits, for Linux distros, and the docs
> > would serve as basis for implementation of other OSes.
> That's fine.  I still think other distros/systems may be feel it to be a
> little onerous to have to download a "big system-level package" (even if
> it's just perception) to install random services like that.
> (Maybe a "system-services" tarball, if you really don't like the name of
> AdminKit?) :)
>   Federico

+1 for AdminKit.

I don't think all distros switch for systemd in nearer future. Correct
me if I'm wrong but they seems to be perfectly suited and superior for
desktop enviroment but lack the fine-tuning servers admin requires (I
heard complains that in some situations Gentoo scripts, which are
dependencies, are wrong as they do not control the implied
correspondence between  some servers in some setup). 

In such way (i.e. AdminKit):

 - We/you[1] allow to replace systemd if it will be out-of-date (say in
30 years ;) )
 - We/you allow to support older systems which may not require such
setups when systemd makes no sense/is harder to set up for any reason
 - We/you allow to support (k)*BSD/distro which not switched for any
reason to systemd


[1] We == community, you == maintainers

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