Re: systemd as external dependency

Le mercredi 18 mai 2011 à 15:40 +0200, Michael Biebl a écrit :
> Isn't that the kind of functionality that was supposed to be provided
> in gnome-system-tools and system-tools-backend? What will happen with
> g-s-t and s-t-b?
> Why is it better to have that functionality in systemd itself instead of g-s-t?
As the maintainer of the (virtually dead) stb, I must say that
standardizing all this configuration mess would really be a good thing.
Have a look at the stb's code to understand how we badly need to get rid
of special-casing all configuration items.

Improving the gst was very hard to do because the architecture had to be
very generic, with every change requiring adapting each backend for
every weird distribution with its peculiar commandline tools and
different behaviors. Code is much cleaner when you know how the system
works and don't need to abstract it too much.

Anyway, the stb model is quite outdated now: network goes through
NetworkManager, users via accountsservice, boot via systemd or Upstart
specific tools. And the general architecture doesn't fit very nicely
with time configuration. So better start again with something more
specific, suited to GNOME's current needs (and not written in perl ;-).
If something needs to work differently on different platforms, better
define small D-Bus interfaces suited to each configuration area, and
implement them separately for each platform, rather than mixing
everything in a big and ugly set of scripts.

Just my two cents


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