Re: New module proposal: LightDM

On Tue, 2011-05-17 at 12:31 -0500, Brian Cameron wrote:
> Shaun:
> > So the question here is not "Does LightDM better serve
> > the needs of some GNOME-based operating systems?" The
> > question is simply "Should LightDM replace GDM as the
> > display manager for GNOME?"
> Perhaps I am confused, but I thought that the recent moduleset
> reorganization was designed to get The GNOME community out of the
> business of having to decide whether to promote one program over
> another, when they do the same sorts of things.  A common example being
> should GNOME promote rhythmbox or banshee?  I did not think there was a
> need to decide whether one should replace the other for both to be
> considered GNOME modules.  Or perhaps I misunderstand the goals of the
> moduleset reorganization.
> Perhaps "display manager" programs are special in some way that only
> allows for one to be approved at a time.  But I do not remember anyone
> discussing any special considerations like this in this thread.

I think that's the idea behind the Apps moduleset, but not Core.
Core is the operating system. Apps are some things we think you
might like to install on top of it.

At least, that's my understanding.


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