Re: no external panels for gnome-control-center [was GNOME Feature Proposal: Backup]

2011/5/13 Dylan McCall <dylanmccall gmail com>:
> Okay, that sounds good. Gnome 3's Control Centre _is_ really good.
> However, from the sounds of it, this isn't actually fixing our
> problem. This isn't replacing the system menu, or providing any kind
> of top level order. It configures Gnome, and only Gnome. From here
> arises a pretty serious question: what does Gnome have to do with my
> screen resolution

GNOME (technically gnome-shell) is the thing responsible for the final
pixels that hit your displays so it obviously has to take care of

> and what am I to do if I am using NVidia's
> proprietary driver which comes with nvidia-settings? I no longer have
> the System menu, and apparently this won't be in Control Centre
> either. Either Gnome needs to keep up with everything nvidia-settings
> does, nvidia-settings needs to be an official Gnome module, or our
> users need to search for nvidia-settings as if it is any other
> application (eg: in the Applications section of the Activities
> overlay).

NVidia just has to get its act together and implement the X randr API
so that the Control Center's Display panel can work with their blob as
it can with the other drivers. Or people can use nouveau. Oh, and if
users have installed the nvidia blob they surely can read the
documentation and know that nvidia-settings exists and what it's used


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