Re: no external panels for gnome-control-center [was GNOME Feature Proposal: Backup]

On 12 May 2011 20:45, Sergey Udaltsov <sergey udaltsov gmail com> wrote:
> GNOME is not an OS. GNOME is not a distribution. GNOME is a core
> desktop ("desktop building toolkit", if you like) that is used by
> distributions - it is them who define the _final_ user experience.

That may be what you think but, since some time now, it's not what
most active core GNOME contributors are aiming to.

Yes, GNOME should be an OS. Yes, GNOME should define the final user
experience. Why? Because doing software without *well* defined
boundaries is a technical maintenance nightmare (especially in a free
software project with the usual lack of human resources) and will
never yield the kind of cohesive, fluid experience that IMO
constitutes the GNOME vision.


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