no external panels for gnome-control-center [was Re: GNOME Feature Proposal: Backup]

Il giorno mar, 10/05/2011 alle 20.51 +0100, Bastien Nocera ha scritto:
>> for screenshots.
>> Déjà Dup 19.1, which includes those changes, is already in Fedora
>> Rawhide and will be in Ubuntu Oneiric once we land the GNOME 3
>> center.
> That won't work for long. Once we've move the Bluetooth panel directly
> in the control-center, we'll be removing the external API from the
> control-center. It was only added for gnome-bluetooth, and will be
> removed then as well.

Wait! Maybe I missed something (busy weeks, sorry), but...

#1 -- was this announced/proposed to desktop-devel-list?

#2 -- will gnome-c-c module englobe _all_ chosen panels? who will
approve them? g-cc maintainers? release team? design team? a pool on :P )?

#3 -- I feel this "no-API for gnome-cc" approach crashes with planned
and upcoming changes in GNOME Desktop modules definition, as well as
with the idea of "GNOME as platform for everyone". This proposal from
Deja-Dup is a neat example. IMHO deja-dup is not suitable to be a "core"
module (as per current definition of core: only stuff needed to start
user session), but it's perfect as "approved by GNOME" module. Also,
IMHO the UI proposed changes to Deja-dup preferences are well designed
for GNOME 3 experience (backup as a service, not as user launchable
app). So, this seems to be a contradiction: we can't place you in core,
but we don't want to provide the ability for a proper integration. Also,
what about third parts, vendors and distros? For instance, Ubuntu
provides a really useful Additional Drivers tool and I suppose the best
place for it is System Settings > Hardware; same for Prey
( and it's configuration panel. Are we going to
make GNOME a closed desktop?

Cheers, Luca

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