Re: "Open containing folder" for all apps

On Tue, 2011-05-10 at 22:58 +0200, Milan Bouchet-Valat wrote:

> Couldn't there be a common menu in the Shell that would work like the
> application menu, but for documents? I think it would be a real benefit
> to know that in every app you use, you're able to perform common actions
> on the opened file, without thinking "where's that button/menu again?
> what app am I using?".
> As a rough sketch, we have three items, the two latter being menus:
> [Activities]    [Application name:]  [Document name]

That is interesting.  I'm a bit dubious about making the app and
document menus physically separate from the current window, but it's
certainly a good idea to have standard actions for documents.

> The Document menu would only be shown when the current window exports
> some hint about the document it's currently editing, e.g. by a X
> property on the window, which would be made easy via a simple GTK+
> function.

Thanks for resurrecting this idea - I blogged a little summary a while
ago -

Maybe it's time to discuss it again with the KDE people; Lubos raised
some interesting points.


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